Sunday, March 22, 2009

Middle School

My computer recently incurred some health issues. I had to use an old, fat machine that overheated a lot and contained a few had a floppy disk drive. I hadn't seen one of those since my freshman year of high school. I had been hoarding a few, not able to throw them away because they contained the contents of my first computer. I'm pleased to present to you, Wendy French & Amanda Smith writing notes to each other out of boredom in Middle School.

The Beginning of our story telling...

Quick! Quick! Save the monkeys they are drowning! The Puertoricans are drowning them in cough syrup! I think Pinocchio is in there too! Don't kill the wooden boy! Save him with this cow condom!

The bear! the bear! It's loose! Oh Jesus Christ of Ladder day Saints! The Mormans are coming and they've got Snow White under captive. The dwarves too! Oh God help us all!

Quick go get daddy, Scarlett was eating muffins and she started sneezing her head off! She can't stop! Daddy's on the hill screwing the cows! Go get him! She can't stop sneezing! Her nose will blow up and kill us all especially Jon Micheal Montgomery! He's so sensitive especially to sneezing!

The corndogs! The corndogs are stuck! President Clinton is here! Bring out the danishes! Bring out the caviar! Bring out the fish eggs! Hillary is most welcome here! Her husband too! Oh look! They brought Al! And Woody Woodpecker. He's going to drill a hole in the floor! Oh God help us all!

Quick! That little girl in the "Self-esteem" video is raping people! Did I mention she is beautiful?! She raped Dexter and she is headed for Emmet! He is in danger!

When are you going to give away that puppy?

Mama! Mama ruined the cornbread! That cornbread meant more to me than life itself! Let's get Ian to shake my damn hand because I'm Courtney and stick mama in the oven for rurnin'(southern form of saying ruining) the cornbread that was sacred to me! Quick go get the whore and Ian! He will shake my hand because I am Courtney and I have the power of cornbread of my past!

What's the story Morning Glory?

It's the little things that kill

Emmet is my beautiful son
What do you think about these curtains?
I'm thinking of becoming a detective.
the first words out of my mouth were:
"Hey, I've got a pencil. What am I diong with this?"
It's a short bus into a tragic kngdom. Some of the greatest works of art are recycled. What did Paul say C-ya later? Tell him to compose himself(milk has vitamin D ya know)
ya, he knows
I'll take the fifth amendment on that one.

Christopher Columbus and Davy Croket have gotten into a fight! And it is over Chelsey Clinton! They want her hand in marriage but she loves only one! Ricki Lake! But Ricki loves Oprah! Oprah loves O.J.! And O.J. loves orange juice! And orange juice loves no one! The damn bastard!

Hark! Ricki and Oprah have gotten into a fight! They hate each other because Ricki loves Scott from yesterday's show and he only wants her for sex. The old pimp.

Quick! The mexicans are invading O.J. Simpson's children's playhouses! They are taking hostages! They have taken Ms. Rhodes and most of the jungle animals! They say they are mad because the soft serve ice cream machine in Mexico City Texaco is broken! I feel their pain!

It's gonna fall. Oh goodness, the disk is gonna fall. O.J. isn't getting the trial he didn't deserve. Nichole is haunting her children. Ron Goldman turned into a cow and attacked O.J. with a pencil.

Oh help! The monkeys have come with giant tacos to kill the Austrailians! They are mad because Taco Bell crossed the border! They are going to chop off the Austrailian people's heads and use them as tomatoes!

Help! There are Muslims attacking the Carribeian! Two-year-old Frances Bean seems to be the leader! Opps! She has been knocked down by a Japanese native! She is crying and yelling for Steven Tylor! She said until he gets there the Pope is hers!

The floppy disk just jumped out of the computer! It is attacking Jamie with a corndog! Jason has just turned into a cow and he's holding a pencil and singing about squashed bannanas! I'm in danger!

Attention: O.J. Simpson has just sneezed in the courtroom! Oh that is not good for the defense!

Help! Captain Cook is being held captive by Ronald McDonald and the little hamburgers! They said they would squirt catsup on him if he didn't jump around and act like an onion ring!

George and his chiuahaha friends are in my pool drowning Ian with mechanical pencils and bannanas! He must be in pain! I feel his pain!

Help! Help! The tractor is possesed! Go get Emmet! Oh he is floating down the Nile River with Patrick again.(you figure it out) He is the only one who can help! The tractor just killed Tim McGraw. I guess he's not an Indian Outlaw anymore.

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Bette said...

That made me jiggle with giggles. I love the Bush/Oasis references!